Can You Make Your Own Pokemon Online For Free?


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Legally, you cannot do this. You can’t ‘make’ Pokemon given that they are characters within games, and are only created by the creators of Pokemon. You may be able change coding and have an effect on how Pokemon may be seen on a game. Naturally, this is not legal given that Pokemon games are copyrighted.

Also, it would be rather difficult for you to access the coding within your Gameboy or DS, given that they cannot easily be accessed on the computer. Is it really worth going to such a huge and difficult effort in order to do something that isn’t legal anyway? Accessing Pokemon emulators and ROMS on the Internet is illegal, too - and this is one of the most common ways that people change the coding on the computer.

If you want to create your own Pokemon, why not just draw them? You can draw them on paper, or you can design them on the computer with software like Photoshop. This software is expensive, but completely worth it. It allows you to edit photos and create characters and designs with ease. Many people use it professionally, and if you cannot afford it then you could perhaps use software GIMP.

This is an alternative piece of photo editing and drawing software that is completely free - and has nearly as many features as Photoshop. You’ll soon be importing landscape images and cropping pictures of other Pokemon to try and create your own. You’ll have great fun, and achieve a great time being completely creative and original. Show your friends what you create, too, and you can even have competitions of who can make the best Pokemon.

So remember, don’t do anything illegal and don’t go to extremes to change coding in your game. Just use software and you’ll be able to create your very own Pokemon.

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