What Is An Operating System, Kernal And Shell?


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Kernel is the part of the operating system that interacts directly with the hardware of a computer, through device drivers that are built into the kernel.The major functions of the kernel are to manage computer memory, to control access to the computer,to maintain file system, to handle interrupts, to handle errors, to perform input and output services. Programs interact with the kernel through approximately 100 system calls.System calls tel the kernel to carry out various tasks for the program,such as opening a file, terminating a process etc
Shell: reads your commands and interprets them as requests to execye a program/s,which it then arranges to have carried out.As it plays this role it is called command interpreter,and it is also a programming LANGUAGE.Shell acts as interface between user and Kernel.
Operating System: communicates with hardware.It is an interface
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Operating system there is a two main part that is kernal and another one is shell it;s a basic code which communicate with hardware & display the user.User place the input & it process (convert) into binery coding (computer) language in the form of 0 & 1 this work is done by shell & it convert into decimal by kernal on monitor screen. In short input-process-shell-decimal to binery-kernal-binery to decimal-display the result.

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