Compare The Telephone Network And The Internet. What Are The Similarities? What Are The Differences?


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The telephone network consists of a connection orientated circuit switch network. A call signal has to be used in order to establish a connection, or circuit, between two points before an exchange of information is possible. Once the connection has been made, switches reserve the relevant bandwidth for the full period of the call. As a result, the network path a call takes is fixed and, as a rule, remains constant throughout the time of calls made.

Advantages of the Circuit Switched Network

  • Controlled timing; bits move from A to B within a set time
  • Low delay times
  • Very little jitters, or variations in delay
  • Ideal for transmission of real-time signals, like video and voice
Disadvantages of the Circuit Switched Network

  • Each connection, or circuit, is separate
  • Circuit remains reserved even if no data is exchanged
  • While a circuit is reserved, it can not be used by others
The internet consists of a so-called packet switched, connectionless network. In other words, information packets can be exchanged without having to follow an established connection. Bandwidth is shared among users. One example of such a connectionless exchange is the NTP, or Network Time Protocol. A packet may be sent to the NTP from any computer without first having to establish a connection. The time server will then return the time.

Advantages of the Packet Switched Network

  • It is not necessary to establish connections
  • Resources are shared
  • If no data needs to be transmitted, no space is consumed
Disadvantages of the Packet Switched Network

  • Packets must have large headers to include addresses
  • Shared resources may result in delays due to queues
  • Unpredictable timing due to delays
  • Voice or video transmission is difficult due to delays
  • Packets may get lost during transmission
  • 'Best Efforts' protocol means no guarantee packages will be delivered.
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Similarities between internet and telephone network are we can use them to connect with others, differences are internet is more faster.

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