Why do you play games?


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Flora Huang answered

People play games because they find it fun. There's this thing in your brain that releases this chemical that makes you feel good whenever you play games.

Olivia Skumps Profile
Olivia Skumps answered

I play a wide variety of games, but my favorites are probably racing, fighting, and adventure/platformer games. I used to play often, probably 1-2 hours a day. Now that I'm a dad though, it's probably more like 2-3 hours a week. I hope to play games with my children when they get older, so playtime may go up again in a few years.

  • I play games for escapism. To take on the role of another person, or get lost in another world for a little while.
  • For the thrill of competition, with friends or against the game's AI characters. Or competition with myself to see if I can play the game better and better.
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Taila Nevado Profile
Taila Nevado answered

I barely play games. The only time I do so is when my nieces
or nephews come at my place when I go to theirs. I like to play scrabble with
them. Not only does it remind me of my childhood, but it is also an educational
activity whereby they learn new words.

Mariem Preskott Profile
Mariem Preskott answered

I love gaming as it allows me to play as another person (with and without special abilities). A game is like a story book but its also challenging and require effort to keep moving forward and personally I choose maximum difficulty settings so it requires real skill to complete.

Online multiplayer competitive is amazing as it require strategy and team work as well map knowledge and being accurate (shooters as example).

Gaming is simply amazing and Im glad gaming industry keeps getting better and better over time.

Now my favourite game is Kitty Clitter.

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Matilda Kunher answered

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