How Do You Win Big Nates Island On Poptropica?


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1. You go to Big Nate Island
2. You go to the comic shop
3. You talk to the guy and he wants you to look for missing comic strips.
Here are where they are
-2 in the school
-1 in the playground
-1 in the lighthouse
-1 in the pop up shop place
-1 at the photo place
-1 in top of those electric poles
-and 1 that the comic book store guy can give you
4.Then show them to the comic store guy, he will give you gum.
5. Go to the school.
6. Go to the science lab and make a stink bomb (tip: Try to put yellow and then blue until it turns this yucky greenish color)
7. Chew gum until the teacher sends you to Detention! :O haha
8. Put the stink bomb down.
9. Open the file.
10. Go to the bottom and get the bell clapper.
11. SAVE the clapper,
12. Go to the lighthouse. There will be a floating piece of paper. SAVE IT!
13. Go to the photo shop and give the guy the paper and get the scuba suit.
14. Go to the lighthouse go under water and get the trap.
15. Give it to the captain
16. He gives you keys so go for a ride and when you get there there will be a rock. With a paper under it.
17. Move the right seal to the left side with the other seal.
18 Get the paper and go back.
19. Go to the playground and into the treehouse.
20. Beat Nate at this game (Kinda like hangman)
21. Nate gives you crackers
22. Remember that clapper? Well put it on the bell at the top of the school.
23. Remember where those stupid girls were standing? Put the cracker there.
24.the dog digs up the capsel.
25. Get your medal.
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Its really easy all you have to do is find the bell to go tell the bell to get the girls out of the way and the you give the dog the bis cit   where the chest is and he digs up the chest and then your done its simple

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