Do you have a Laptop?


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Ancient Hippy Profile
Ancient Hippy answered

I have an old one that I rarely use. It's got mostly business applications on it.

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Jaimie JT answered

Yeah ... I have a laptop that isn't for personal use... I hate it cos I bring it home and work way too late into the evening on it long after my work day is done  -_- I'm back and forth between browsing on here through  my phone  and working on my laptop tonight:) I'm an awesome multitasker ... Or I'm good at procrastinating and finding distractions ... Well I'm good at something.

PJ Stein Profile
PJ Stein answered

Yep. It is a Lenovo Yoga. I can use it as a laptop or a tablet.

Woof Woofy Profile
Woof Woofy answered

Yes. I have an HP chromebook 14 but now that i have a part time job for the summer.. Im going to buy an HP or dell chromebook 11 just so i have something more portable and light to carry in my bag (it ain't easy carrying big bertha around, but it is quite light compared to most windows laptops of this size)

Barb Cala Profile
Barb Cala answered

No.  My husband and I each have our own desktop computers and our Android phones.  We just haven't seen the need for a laptop yet.

Anna Levi Profile
Anna Levi answered

Yes, it's a HP ProBook 4510s. I'll be getting a new laptop for university soon though!

Nealious James Profile
Nealious James answered

Jann! It’s quite rare to find someone who doesn’t actually own a laptop these
days! Most 21st century folks are trained to be computer-literate
and when you have the knowledge, it’s quite normal that you would want to use
it. Owning a desktop or laptop is the best way to get it done. Mine is a Sony
Vaio and I have been using it for four years now.

Chips Ters Profile
Chips Ters answered

Each laptop brings every person his pleasure, someone helps to study, someone earns income with the help of it, and someone spends their free time playing games in it, it would seem that there could be better than spending time with pleasure, rightly nothing.
Now answer me the question, how often do you clean your laptop, since I am very interested in this, I can only say that I bought a universal keyboard cover for my MacBook, you can also buy for any other laptop, the main desire is, I I will leave the site, it will suddenly be useful, but protection from dust and dirt has not bothered anyone yet

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Karl Sagan answered

Yes, I have a laptop that seems to be over a year old. I am very pleased with it and bought it at a great price that is 50 percent cheaper than the market. If you are interested, I advise you to familiarize yourself with refurbihsed laptops UK supplier so that you can also purchase a refurbished laptop with excellent quality. I guarantee it.

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