Do You Have User Manual For Compu Kidz Laptop Computer?


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If you do not own a user manual for the Compukidz Laptop then I advise you to call the manufacturing company in question as there are no ways to access any user instructions online. However, the toy laptop is very easy to use and the features are simple enough for your child to interact with them.

For example, the lid provides a locking system that is put into place once the lid is shut down, like a regular laptop computer. The mouse provided also works in the same way as a regular mouse for a desktop. Once you have switched the laptop on with the on/off button a woman’s voice will ask you to choose an activity. Each of the activities available is listed in categories on the screen accompanied by a number between 1 and 22. Once your child has decided which activity to complete, they simply have to press the number residing next to their chosen activity on the built in keyboard.

With regards to the ‘Learning Words’ game, the instructions are simple. Firstly the game will ask you to press a button and whichever button is pressed, for example "d”, the laptop will generate a picture of a word beginning with "d” and speak the word aloud. If your child wishes to do a different activity, all they have to do is press the right button on the mouse that reads ‘esc’ and then it will return to the main menu. You then repeat the same selection method for another activity.

There is an option for your child to carry out the activities in various levels under the key that reads ‘level’. This enables your child to choose levels 1-9, and with each level the difficulty increases. The volume control is easy to use and the laptop requires three AA batteries that will be long lasting.

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