How To Get A Free Laptop When You Have No Money?


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Some broadband providers in the UK are advertising a free laptop on subscription to their service, for £15 per month typically on a two-year contract. So it's not free as such, but what is?
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Someone in my area has recently given an old one away on there, you might get lucky in your area too.
Ask around to see if any local companies are updating their computer systems - you might hit lucky.
OR as it's just after Christmas, put an ad in your local paper, someone might have upgraded and not be bothered about their old one.
OR try your local recycling centre. Some areas have laws which mean electrical goods can't be thrown away in the normal rubbish (trash) and have to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.
It's all about a little work asking around, no-ones going to just up and offer one ;-) either way, be prepared to maybe have to spend a little. Some people who know nothing about them throw them away or just stop using them when they just need memory or a new hard drive.
Don't listen to the pessimists, you can actually get quite a few things for free if you try hard enough ;-)
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We can only buy things with money. There is no possibility that you can get a thing without money. You can not get a free laptop if you don't have the money. You can only have it if you win a prize.
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My Laptop was stolen and the insurance did not give me what I paid , I have not been able to get my expenses down to afford another one, please help me?  
Margaret J.
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It is not possible to get a free laptop if you don't have any money. There is only 2 ways to get it for free. One is to get it as a gift from someone and the second is to win it in some lottery. But you can get laptop on a cheap price from scrapyard.
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Sell something woth the same price as the laptop you want
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If you are a disabled student who is required to have a laptop for a certain class, you could possibly get one through Vocational Rehabilitation which is a State program.

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