Coming up to the 1 year anniversary without, do you miss it?


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ask was dumb so they lose out in the long run. Tiger wins the time out award

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I miss some of the people . . They stopped by, but none really stayed . . . It took me some time to embrace blurit . . . I still miss Caltex, and a few others . . .

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

My answer will certainly be biased as I have been on blurtit a few years now. Other than some people who went elsewhere or whatever, I don't miss Ask at all. We don't have all the silly rules and overpaid Mods here. You don't get punished for things here and your account put on delay or time-out. The three of us Admins do our very best to serve each and all the very best we can. I came here originally because I was looking for some place to get away from Ask. I miss it not. I am very happy with all those who came and joined us and all the other people from around the world. Enjoy yourself.

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Rooster Cogburn
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Over $3500.00 a month.
Professor Cat
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and being a mod is full-time or part-time?
Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn commented
It was full time for them. Angela and I are volunteers and ask for no pay. DS narfolk works for the site owner. I probably work the most hours as they both have jobs and I'm retired. Even though I'm a beta-tester for Slitherine/Matrix games also.
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At first, i've had complications to settle here, been trying, in the meanwhile missed and it's atmosphere but the feeling is gone for a long time now! Here is much better with better options and everything goes through people that i know like Rooster and Angela, i'm much comfortable this way. They manage much better than those commercial hungry company who sacrificed it's community for their own good and i trust the team here way more.

The only thing i have missed from is the people that i knew there and they couldn't make their way into Blurtit.

Some of those people by profile name:

Alleycat86 / Apollonia64 / AuroraMelancholyEchi / Blackngoldbabe / Craigsmom / DeanaWyne / Godmother23 / Hoops667 / kfortyhoops456 / Jacqueline3 / Jparent / KimberlyHudnell / Kingborris / Landsakes / Lifeismadness42 / nblacksmith / oh_kaligirl / pamper / persiangirl / sarahamor / Sephira / Shayjay / shaylen92 /

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No. Certainly not those petty, underhanded, no common sense, no sense mods๐Ÿ˜. Played favorites ๐Ÿ˜. Never knew when your question or comment would be deleted mostly for no reason๐Ÿ˜. 

Some people yes ๐Ÿค—. I'm very very happy here. Friendly staff and members. lots of FUN and Shine๐Ÿค—. 

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Veronica Dultry answered

Like others, there are many who I miss. I also miss all of our questions and answers. In the comment section, I made some great friends, laughed, cried, rallied, and learned new things. I did save some things but found it frustrating because i couldn't save everything I wanted. Luckily, I was able to get emails at the end, and am still in touch with some. I still get nostalgic and wish I could just look up that one question.

I really like being here, I am grateful that many came, sorry to see some go, and hope that maybe someone or another will someday find us here. I think being here made losing Ask very tolerable, if we didn't have this, in this way, I know it would have been harder to say goodbye.

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I did miss Ask but I found a better home here. Here we have common sense restrictions, no mod bias, no time outs, etc. I miss a lot of Ask users that didn't make it here but hopefully, they'll find us in time. I tried Askaholics but found it to be way too cliquey, and wasn't in the mood to join a "club". Askit is dead and I'veSolved is overrun with questions by MidnightCowboy. He asks dozens of Q's a day and answers them himself. He's the reason that Askit died, he's a points queen, gotta be on top.

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Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
Good to know. I saw his comment on that question. Gotta say I agreed with him
Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn commented
I answered it and then realized what I had done. I deleted the question.
Yin And Yang
Yin And Yang commented
LOL! Oh he'll be back...... they ALWAYS come back.......
Muhahahahahahahahaha! ((((((( Eeevil Yin laugh )))))))))
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I thought I would miss, however, Rooster encouraged me to come here and here I am! It took a little bit to get used to the layout and to the new people. I don't miss Ask at all. My friends are here and I get to have some fun and be helpful. I like how I can come here and there really isn't any drama, except for the spammers.

Rooster, Angela and DS open the gate up and let us ask silly questions / Tiger doesn't get put in timeout on an hourly basis and Otis sends out shine with regularity. What could be better?

I was on Askaholics but hated it when 3 or 4 people had to have intense, inclusive discussions and then dissed on others that didn't agree with them. And I agree with AH on and MidnightCowboy's questions and answers. What a pomme-head.

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Ancient Hippy
Ancient Hippy commented
Pomme head........pomme head............pomme head.
Jaimie  JT
Jaimie JT commented
I don't know who this midnight man is but He's not allowed to have " pomme head " title :) RAAAAR :p
Ancient Hippy
Ancient Hippy commented
That title is reserved for you Jaimie. MidnightCowboy is worse than a pomme head.
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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

Let's put it this way. I was a memeber of ASK for several years as goofyhawk12 and I'll wager a weeks Mountain Dew that the top users from ASK that are now here didn't know who I was. Also, it took those years to build up only 800 stars and I earned the last one on the last day.

Now, on Blurtit, I'd call many of the users here as well as the mods, friends, and I surpassed 10,000 "stars" here some time ago. I tried a few others including Quora. Most seemed full of trolls or young kids and I got really ticked off with Quora users when they rediculed me for a few accidental spelling/grammar issues and one answer that didn't cover every small little detail. Nope, Blurtit is where it's at with friendly users and fair moderators! I don't miss ASK.

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Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
I do remember you. Lucky for you I never developed a taste for Mountain Dew.
Corey The Goofyhawk
Lol! Knowing me and remembering me are two different things but I'll give you points for that! It's a good thing about the Mountain Dew, because I lied... :D
Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
That's a win-win
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Angela Anthony answered

Shoot no! I came to Blurtit shortly after Rooster did as I was tired of ask. I actually deleted my account there before they closed. The people that came over are great, and I wish a few others were here, but I definitely don't miss the site.

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I don't really know anything about ask so I'll give my opinion of Blurtit. It's great! The other sites I looked at the people seemed very mean! Not here though. First day and Rooster sent me a message with a video or two to help me out. I found Corey who helped me with my character in the Elder Scrolls game. Tiger has been making sure I behave while I'm out sick, lol! Hippy creates an aura of suspense wondering if the next answer he posts with have... "The Picture." I imagine that ask wasn't this good!

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Didge Doo answered

Yes, I missed Ask for a while but this is better. I miss the people who didn't come across.

Kudos to Sephira for setting up Askaholics but it was quickly destroyed by three bitter women.

There's one place where Blurtit trails Ask. There's not nearly as much activity in the comments box. That's where all the fun stuff happens.

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