@Former Ask.comers, how would you compare this site with your former site? (any bit of detail would be nice) thanks, And do you still miss Ask?


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I love it here!!  The "rules" were so restrictive on Ask.  Here we can really get to know one another, play, have fun and RELAX!

I have to praise our admins.  To be so dedicated as volunteers is a true gift to us all !!!!!!!!!!

The only things I miss about Ask are the friends who didn't make the transition, and the volume of questions that kept us busy and mesmerized.

I by far prefer Blurtit.  Thank you all.

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I miss a lot of people from Ask that didn't make it to Blurtit but I don't miss the site at all. Some of the moderators were very biased and tended to be very vindictive towards some members. If they didn't agree with your answer, regardless of facts, they would just delete your answer. It got so bad for me that I quit the site, twice.

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All the mods there suc💩Ed
I can't remember how many profiles I had removed.
I called them out lots ,
And lots of my comments never made it. But they read it . And they know they were biased, and treated some they liked differently then others ,
And that's wrong . I don't miss ask , glad lots made it and found this site. This site is fantastic..
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Dear Skunky,

Sometimes I miss the sheer volume and diversity of questions on Ask.com... But then I remember that Blurt would need more administrators and I think the quality work done by Rooster and the other two would be hard to find.

And there are people who did not make it over from Ask.com whom I still miss very much.

Here on Blurt, I also feel safer to express unconventional unpopular views than I did on Ask...however I have seen a few threads here on Blurt where atheists get together and gang up on a religious person and as a thirty-year former atheist, I was ashamed.

* * *

Overall however, more and more I prefer Blurt.

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The only thing I miss about ask.com is how fast questions were being asked. Anytime you logged in, there were always new questions. As Gator stated, on Blurtit sometimes there aren't any new questions to answer.

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Well, I can't really say as it would be biased but I did meet a good buddy here ! SKUNKY ! No, I've never missed it and never will.

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One thing I don't miss about ask is the sheer number of "Can I be pregnant?" questions. The one thing I do miss is the volume. I come on later in the evening and there often isn't any new questions. All in all Blurtit tends to be kinder and friendlier.

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Virginia Lou
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Oh Gator Blu, I had forgotten (blocked out?) all the Ask.com pg questions... no do NOT miss those...
Cool Spot
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Does he like me?
Virginia Lou
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OH yes, Cool Spot...i remember those...and of course we always had the correct answer for those folks...
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Upon some reflection---

I answered more than 5000 questions on ask, but my thanks were only about 80% of that.  On here, I've answered around 1900 (the approximate same rate as I averaged per yer on ask) but my "thanks" are at 250%.  (I will ponder that for a few days.)

There is considerably more elbow room on here with regard to the content of the comments we can post.  I find the "rules" on here much more reflective of real life where our opinions are frequently the very principles by which we live and are thus usually somewhat emotionally charged.  It's nice to be able to be passionate about what I think to be correct. 

I do occasionally visit Askaholics also.  As Didge says, Sephira deserved better results.  It seems to me that Askaholics wound up as a collection of music groups---in that those who preferred strings or brass or percussion, etc. met to play music only with others who shared their same preferences for music.  And unfortunately, new questions there come along infrequently.

I occasionally go to ask just to see if they are still around.  I find it somewhat surprising that they are---but of course I prefer giving and receiving answers based on a personal interaction paradigm such as Blurtit.  Would I go back, or do I wish it had never dropped the "community?"---Well, I've learned to never say never, but I would be more likely to leave Usain Bolt in my dust in a sprint.

And like Didge, I have a problem with "anonymous" questions. When I click on a profile for someone who is not anonymous, I can usually tailor an answer based on either their "profile" or information I can infer from their other questions.  With "anonymous," I am forced into giving generic advice.

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Virginia Lou
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Thoughtful answer TJ...I will just comment on one part, I feel very much the same about the anonymous askers as you and didge
Tom  Jackson
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I agree about the possible hesitation of potential new members.

But I don't think it hurts to point out occasionally that being anonymous limits our potential helpfulness.

If you want good advice, make it easy for me to give it to you.
Tom  Jackson
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My point is only that I wish we could both encourage them and also let them know that if we had a little more information we could give more useful answers.

But I agree that the first priority should be to encourage them to join.
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I miss the diversity in topics and the depths into which I could jump feet first. I had many interesting conversations that would involve banter (mostly friendly, some not so friendly) . I would (on occasion) butt heads with other posters but all in all I found it challenging and entertaining ... However, although this forum seems to involve a predominantly younger crowd it seems less volitile in nature. It's nice here .. I like it .

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I was a fan of the format of Ask, but like Hippy, I disliked the inconsistent moderators and the idiotic "time outs". I would never go back, as they dumped us, the friggin ingrates. There were many more contributors than here, but Blurtit has become quite comfortable in it's modest membership. Good to see fellow Askugees. 

On reflection, I and others entertained some spirited back-and-forth with the imperious legions of the God squad that so often held court on Ask; as the mods occasionally turned a blind eye, mostly to them it seemed. It was a guilty hoot, though it is clear such non-PC debate isn't for everyone. Not much of that here, and that's fine. 

It's a pleasure to be here among you all, imparting my brand of bombastic brain static for your consideration. Perhaps it can be of some value on occasion.

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WEll Zee personally I thoroughly enjoy bombastic brain static... wish I could recall some of your other designations for your offerings, I enjoy them and learn too!
Don Barzini
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Thanks, Virginia.
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the only thing i miss about ask is the amount of people and the diffrent kinds of folks that were on there but i must say this. When it comes to Q&A this site is infintly better i hated the fact that on ask you had to ask a certain question that was straight forward you couldnt really ask a retorical question and the mods would take down Q's for no reason all in all this site is far better

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Ask was a big site full of activity and constant stream of new users, this place is more of a tight knit community. Apples and Oranges.

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I like it here way better..

I remember this 1 question I had answered there about some celebrities phone #

And I answered:  867 5309

And as always, it was removed

Guess I'm a bit older or just remember that song....

The mod didn't ....

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Both sites had some very interesting and all around great people, and Blurtit has some of the same and many new (to me) contributors to asking and answering questions.

The moderators are approachable here, and a bit more fair in allowing discussions to flow. If they have a problem with what you said, they contact you and say, "I have a problem and here's why . . ."

Ask would just rip out the comment and leave you wondering what happened.

I did Askoholics for a bit right after, and it was okay at first, the Groups were a nice touch until they were more about segregation and finding conformation bias in "Like Minded" individuals . .and less of a community willing to openly share or willing to discuss . . .

I think I have grown more as a person from these online experiences and that's all one can hope for.

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I believe most everyone has mentioned one or two things I would have written about Ask. Miss it not really. I feel at home here and I honestly enjoy and care for each one of you all.

As Otis said, the once or perhaps two a day "could I be pregnant?" or "am I pregnant" were interesting. I didn't realize the number of ways a woman could get pregnant, unbelievable.

It was a good ride while it lasted. However Bluritit is vastly more open and connected community.

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I'm a Blurter now and happy to be one, but there are some things about Ask that I miss.

We lost a lot of good and interesting people when the site closed -- although it may be argued that some of the good were not interesting, and some of the interesting were not good.

There was far more activity in the Comments box and I really miss that here. It's comparatively rare to have a funny discussion below a question although, of course, it sometimes happens.

I got along well with the Mods and appreciated what they did. Mind you, the reason I didn't run into trouble very often was that I learned how far I could push the envelope and usually managed to get away with it. (Sneaky!) One comment that was deleted rapidly was, "Did you hear about the terrorist who captured a busload of Ask Mods and threatened to release one every 30 minutes until his demands were met." (Another Mod apologised for her friend's thin skin.

There were a number of people who turned Ask into a pulpit and used it to push their beliefs. I found myself involved in lots of religious discussions -- something that NEVER happens in real life. Some of them found their way to Askaholics and destroyed the site very quickly. Almost nothing is happening there now. (I had a peek a couple of months ago.) That was a shame for Sephira, who deserved much better.

Would I go back if they ever reinstated their Q&A site? Of course. They had a lot to offer. But Blurtit would remain my Internet home.

Is there anything I DON'T like about Blurtit? Anonyous questions. We're all using pseudonyms anyway; why do we need to hide even those identities?

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Didge Doo
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Rather comically, I was on a time-out when they finally pulled the plug. It was an automatic Ask function and they didn't disable it so we could all chat to each other as Rome burned.
Ancient Hippy
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Great answer Didge.
Didge Doo
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Thanks, Hippy.
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I miss Ask, when it had the thumps after they replaced those with funny I pretty much never made it in the ask hall again all my aswers were taken as funny for some reason.  The whole site kind of fell apart. We just don't live in an era where Q&A sites are popular anymore and I wish there were more people here otherwise this is fine, though theres less of a variety Id say than with ask.

There are really no other options Answerbag was shutdown, experience project Q&A was shutdown and Quora people only want people with PHD's to answer questions.

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