Is there any way that I could see my house live on Google maps?


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Since Google got access to the older "Keyhole" satellites , they can get pretty good images but not exactly live as the satellites would have to be overhead of your area at the time so there will always be a delay. The Keyholes are older satellites and won't provide "live" images to the public. Pretty close sometimes though.

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I think so.  After reading your question I looked up my address. I was able to see the specific apartment building, then I could see my patio and courtyard. 

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Not live. I just had a play with my own address and see that the street view was updated in May this year (previously 2008). That's Chez Didge hiding behind the trees at the far right.

The aerial view has also been updated. The white patch on the tiles at the rear of the house has been there only about three years. We had a solar hot water system installed on the roof and, in 2012 it broke through the tiles and we had to have it removed -- hence the albino tiles where it had been.

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That whitish patch in among the trees is our car port, Sin. We could fix you up with a bed in there. :)
We're beyond the Sydney suburban area so we probably get updated less often than the more dense areas. The houses opposite us (you can't see them because I cropped the photographs) hadn't been built when the original aerial shot was taken.
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neat ! thank you

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