What is the Procedure to Update Google Maps on Android?


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Kevin Walker Profile
Kevin Walker answered

Simply open google playstore on your cell phone. Open the menu then choose 'My apps & games' scroll down for google map app and then update it.

Rahul Singh Profile
Rahul Singh answered

Open Play Store. This is a shopping bag icon with Google Play triangle logo. ...

Tap the menu bar to open it.

Tap on My Apps and Games.

Scroll down on Google Maps. Google Maps can also be labeled as "Maps - Navigation and Transit". ...

Tap updates next to Google Maps.

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Karl Sagan Profile
Karl Sagan answered

Google maps are undoubtedly good bad they aren't the best. At least when I have to find out an accurate address including zip code I use this website It's pretty useful and user-friendly. There is information about all addresses in all countries around the globe.

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