What is the latest SERP Updates of google?


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This months end we see a loss in positions for higher volume key terms,
while low volume niche or long tail key words stay about level.  Would suspect that US traffic may be down for some due to the tragic
and major news breaking event developing, plus speeches from the
president. The longer titles in Google search results were first spotted by the sharp-eyed Ross Hudgens, who reported on social media that he was seeing title tags of 69 and 70 characters on Google.

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Google introduces changes to its ranking algorithm. Some are tiny tweaks; others seriously shake up the SERPs. This cheat sheet will help you make sense of the most important algo changes and penalties rolled out in the recent years, with a brief overview and SEO advice on each. Google’s Panda speed update won’t impact how Google indexes your mobile or desktop content; it will only affect how the mobile pages are ranked in the Google mobile search results.

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As you know Google Algorithm change them anytime. That provides the new updated version.now google approve latest core algorithm change that is called the (Maccabees Update).recently we received confirmation from google delegate that and quote various petty changes and quart; were built to the core algorithm this month regarding Maccabees updates.

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Google Maccabees Update:

As we know google was launched Maccabees update on 12th December 2017. It is target to the array of keyword permutation.Keyword permutation is the term which is used to prefer multiple phrases or long-tail keywords that is essentially mean the similar thing


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Currently google is focusing on bad links and bad content. Maccabees update is affecting on the SERPs. This update is hits the website with bad link building and the website who have not unique and original content on their website. For higher rankings, one should use the best strategy of link building and must use original and unique content.

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As a SEO Service provider, we need to keep an eye on every single Google update. There are two main updates that Google rolled out in the year 2018.

  1. Mobile First Indexing Update
  2. Broad Core Update
Mobile First Indexing was confirmed by Google on 26th March 2018 and Broad Core update on 20th April 2018.

Google says "Mobile-first indexing means that we'll use the mobile version of the page for indexing and ranking, to better help our – primarily mobile – users find what they're looking for." Historically, the desktop version was indexed, but increasingly, they will be using the mobile versions of content. That means websites need to be mobile friendly and as fast as lightening.

Releasing the Broad Core Update, Google says “pages that were previously under-rewarded would see a benefit from these core updates. There’s no “fix” for pages that may perform less well, other than to remain focused on building great content. Over time, it may be that your content may rise relative to other pages." So focusing on creating fresh, unique and SEO friendly content will definitely keep the negative impact of Google ranking away.

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Google comes with new updated called The Google major algorithm update on August 1, 2018, is now fully rolled out. It is also called Google Medic Update. You can check out at Search Engine Land.

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