Do you have a password set on your phone?


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Nah ^^ I have an option but I own up to everything... If someone snoops through my stuff, that's low. I trust people tho so I do what's convenient for me and not to keep others out. Passwords are a hassle and I get lazy sometimes.

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Benjamin Coleman
Benjamin Coleman commented
Surely it isn't a matter of owning up to things, but a matter of protecting your messages and whatnot from people who have no right to view them.
Jann Nikka
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A password is a must for me.
Dakota  Mackenzie
Dakota Mackenzie commented
By owning up to things, I meant I'm not embarrassed lol I have an odd way of speaking x3
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Yo Kass answered

Sure do, but I use Touch ID to unlock it most of the time :)

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Matt Radiance answered

I do but only for some unpredictable cases, few people around me has the pass though.

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I keep my computer password protected -- if anybody steals it my bank account would be too easy to access -- but there's not much advantage to doing that with a phone (since I don't use it for anything risky).

On the other hand, I found a phone lying on the ground a couple of months ago and rang one of the contact numbers to let the owner know that I had it. I couldn't have done that if it had been locked. There are arguments for and against. :)

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Jann Nikka answered

A 4 number password is a must for me.

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Wow.....,I think Hippy just changed my whole out look on passwords. Besides, what's there to hide anyway, delete things you don't want others to see who may access your phone. Your life is much more important. The doctor I worked for for twenty years was killed in an auto crash last year, had he had a passcode on his phone the stat flight team would not have been able to contact me, since I was the last caller to his phone because he was late and not at work I started calling his phone, we would not have known, we made it to the hospital, but not in time before he passed.

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