What apps do you have on your phone? What do they say about you? (share a screenshot if you can!)


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Dang Kass! Guess I'm pretty generic! I only have a few that I've added from already installed ones....let's see, Skype, Pandora, walk logger...love that app! That's about it!

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Yo Kass answered

I'll kick off my own question, with this photo of my phone:

And here's what I think my apps say about me:

  • I like to keep things (somewhat) tidy. My mind is a mess most of the time, so visual structure is really important in keeping me sane.
  • I need to clear my inbox. I've seen worse, but that 60 emails outstanding badge is bugging me...
  • I need to start running. I installed the "Runkeeper" app because it seemed like a simple way to motivate myself to get into running. As you can see from the "blue dot", I haven't opened it since the last app update!
  • My background photo is of my daughter, and she also has her own folder of apps on my phone. Even though she's got her own phone and tablet, she seems to use my phone more than either of them... And I have to admit I like watching the videos on Vine Kids (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vine-kids/id959063693?mt=8) and YouTube Kids.
  • I have an app called "Vibe" in my dock. That's the app I'm working on with a team of talented people (http://axonvibe.com/).

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