What is the best Android app that lets you listen to music without WiFi?


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Christie Rodriguez , Christie Rodriguez, answered

One of the best music app that I am using is free and it is the best free app I have ever seen in long years. Thelink app made it simple to share latest songs with your peers by a simple interface.

TheLink - Music Sharing for Android. Click here to download: TheLink - Music Sharing - Android Apps on Google Play

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John Vincentt answered

I use Neutron Music Player, which has a great features. I love it.

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With Spotify Premium you can download music and listen to it offline.

Theres also a android app you can get from their website, it's called YouMP34, it allows you to download music from YouTube. Just try not to download any copyrighted songs :)

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Darik Majoren answered

Pretty much ANY app will. The difference is whether you will use you "Data" off you monthly or not.

I can listen to Spotify or Pandora on WiFi or just over my cellular data if there are enough bars of LTE.  The android also comes with built in apps to listen to music you can move to your device, that require neither WiFi or cellular data.

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