Does google maps use data?


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Yes, Google maps does use data but to be honest it's a negligible amount (hardly anything), and there are ways to keep your Google Maps data usage low...

If you are planning a journey, find your route and download turn by turn directions whilst you are on WiFi. When in the car, turn off cellular data. The only problem then is if you veer off course; the map would need to reroute and won't be able to do that without data.

Another option is to use a different app. 
Co-Pilot Premium costs around $10 but downloads the maps to your phone. It then does not use data when finding points of interest or giving turn by turn directions, but you will need to have gps enabled. Therefore, don't try to use it on an iPod, or iPad that is WiFi only as these don't have gps built in.

You need to think about how often you will use Google Maps. If it's a one off, don't worry about it, seriously. If you are using it all the time then maybe you could look at your data plan and purchase an add on bundle.

Alternatively you could get a dedicated Sat Nav. Though I have to say, Google maps works really well, and I use it whenever I need directions. That said, I have unlimited data on my plan, so I don't notice how much it uses, I do know that, as I said earlier, it is very little.

I hope that goes some way to helping.
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I have understood you have a saving option or if you use gps information to continue navigating to the Show map, but I don't know how well it works so as not to get lost so much I download some maps of some pages for if google stops working continue browsing so with the maps downloaded from my cell phone, one must be forewarned.

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