How Can I Get More Visitors To My Website For Free?


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First, you need to create a good site with useful content people are looking for. You'll need links from other websites to get indexed and renked on any search engine. You can gain incoming links from link exchanges, submit to directory, etc. The better choice is, joining forums which talk similar issue with your site. If you site is about "health" then join any forums talking about "health". Place your website links on your signature. Your link will be displayed anytime you make a post. People will tent to follow your link since your website is similar to their concerns.
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The best way to get more visitors to your site is increase your SERP on Google . That means how close you are to being on the top of the first page for you best keywords.
Today, many search engines are backed by Google's search results. This includes Yahoo. Take a look at a sample search of each one if you don't believe me. There are several ways to go about getting more traffic to your site. The obvious would be to spend some money for sponsored advertising, by bidding for keywords, through Google Adsense programs. Many other search engines offer similar cost-per-click and keyword bidding systems. But, this can cost some real money as you pay for every person to access to your site. I would only suggest this for those with highly competitive businesses, such as loan companies, travel companies, generalized shopping sites, etc.
The lowest cost method also that is very effective, is to submit your site to as many non-reciprocal "search engine friendly" and FREE directories as possible. Thus building up a huge number of back-link's that are one-way (one-way links are better than reciprocal links). Remembering that all these links will be crawled by 'Googlebot' and will be pointing to your site. Google, as with most all search engines use algorithm's results. It is trying to give the searcher the most relevant results based on the searched keyword(s). If there are numerous references to your website's url across the web, then all the more likely that you'll be near or at the top of the search results.
The tough part is that all good submissions to directories are best added by hand submission to each directory one-at-a-time. These take time, but I can attest that it will be well worth the while. Auto-submitters are really a waste of time. Stay away from link-farms (FFA's) and submission services that claim to submit your website to a 100,000 search engines. There is no such quantity out there. I would advise to just set your computer for "use inline AutoComplete" or some other auto-form program to help with all the submission forms on directories.
As suggested by the above poster, forums are also a great place to drop your link with some content. Another great source is submitting Press Releases to free press release websites. All these sources I've mentioned can be easily googled, all you have to do is take the time and treat the process as an ongoing campaign. You'll be amazed at the results!
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Nothing in life is exactly free but you can increase the number of visitors to your site by putting in some time rather than paying money. The best way is to submit your site to google, which can be done through the Google site and is free. There are paid services, but a simple indexing entry does not incur a fee.

Other search engines also allow submissions, but have various rules and there is not enough space to go into each one in detail.

Another good move is to put plenty of content on your site - search engines look for sites by keywords and content rich sites will come higher up listings than those that just have a few pages.

Get other sites to link to yours - you could add a links page to your own site and link to other people and then ask if they will give you a reciprocal link back. Search engines also rank sites higher the greater number of incoming links they have.
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For writing a Web page that will rank highly
in Search Engines, there are a few things you can do to help
your pages do better:

1. Write strong content.

2. Write valid HTML.

3. Find good keyword
phrases, and to increase more
traffic for your websites, you should make your site responsive which is helpful
for mobile friendly interface. 

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forum & communities participation , comments posting & social media is the way to get free traffic on website.,

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forum & communities participation , comments posting & social media is the way to get free traffic on website.,

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