How Can I Make My Web Site More Attractive And User-friendly?


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The best way to keep your website attractive and user-friendly is to keep in mind the user's perspective. Making your website too complicated or overwhelming to navigate will put people off. Just try to think about what you look for in a browsing experience.
There are a number of things to keep in consideration when you're developing a website, below are a few really useful suggestions I've picked up along the way:

How to make an attractive website
The main thing you'll want to do is to try and keep your pages clean and uncluttered.

Think of all the white space on a Google search page as an example. On the web, more is not always better!

  • As far as content goes, use short, punchy sentences. Reading a web page requires 17% more effort than reading from paper.
  • Make your site easy to navigate and logical to use. Testing using external volunteers is a good way to flush out potential problems and barriers that might divert a visitor from their goal.
  • Even with a high-speed connection, users don't like waiting around for pages to download. Do what you can to make the site load as quickly as possible. Image file sizes should (as far as possible) be kept to around 50kb.
  • Watch out for pages with lots of images or videos, they will take ages to load. Keeping someone's attention is a privilege on the web, don't waste it by having really long loading times or lots of unhelpful content that a user would need to scroll through.
Remember that the web is a special medium and sentences need to be short or the point may get lost in a flood of clauses. Also bear in mind that the web is international by its very nature, and so colloqualisms and humour doesn't always travel well across different languages and cultures.

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