What is Will McGuinness' Snapchat?


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Will McGuiness is a popular entertainer that tends to be really popular on social media, especially Snapchat. His snapchat is Winky_Moola. 

With more than 250,000 likes on Facebook, he often has thousands of people sharing his videos and pictures. His latest video attracted just over 500 shares.

What you need to know about Will McGuinness

Fans will be happy to know that there are a few different Facebook pages that are dedicated to Will McGuiness.

He is not very active on Twitter, but fans will find a few Tweets on his page. 

He currently has many popular videos on Youtube where he boasts more than 36,000 subscribers, so this is probably where fans will want to go if they are looking for content.

Will joined Facebook in 2013 and fans can find him at TheWillMcGuinnessOfficialPage. Fans can visit his Twitter page on 

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