What is Snapchat?


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Snapchat is an online photo sharing application based in Los Angeles. It can also be used to share text and films. The sender can determine how long the receiver of the message can view what has been sent.

When asked why a time limit (of up to ten seconds) had been imposed on communications, the site's founder's replied that this was to prevent users projecting an idealized or outright fictional version of themselves, thus enabling truer one-to-one communications.

The time limit also means the images or text take up less memory on your device, given they delete themselves after the limit expires.

Why Shouldn't I Just Stick with Instagram?

One of Snapchat's boasts is that it offers its users a more intimate service than Instagram, so instead of broadcasting to the world, you are sharing with chosen friends.

Snapchat's social engagement loop, also gives a faster inclusiveness than Instagram. When a video is shared, the recipient(s) receives a push notification, bringing them back to the app with an implicit call-to-action to reply, continuing the loop. The loop, or cycle time is fast, increasing momentum and number of shared moments. Instagram’s loop is comparatively slow.

This tutorial demonstrates how to use Snapchat:

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