What is Snapchat story max length?


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Daniel Hardman ,, answered

As of April 2014, the user can change the length of Snapchat stories. The time limit is 10 seconds, with the minimum being 1.

As soon as the time is up, the story/image/video will be deleted from the Snapchat server and hidden from the recipient's device.

So the longest the recipient can see the snapchat is 10 seconds.

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The maximum Snapchat story length is still 10 seconds, and the minimum is one second, although there is now another option to the old 'this message will self-destruct in 1-10 seconds...' way of posting on Snapchat.

In September 2013, Snapchat made the announcement that a new feature, Snapchat Stories, will allow users to keep their post active and available for viewing for 24 hours. This means users can be more creative knowing their efforts won't vanish instantly, and so have a greater chance of being shared.

This also creates more marketing opportunities for Snapchat, as potential sponsors tend to want their messages to last longer than a few seconds!


A brand new feature was announced by Snapchat only last month. 'Snapcash' allows users to send each other money, similar to PayPal and Google Wallet feature which debuted back in May. There are the usual concerns about security of users' financial details, but Square, Snapchat partners in Snapcash, have a lot of experience in this field.

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