What is Snapchat story like sedgyfergo?


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Sedgyfergo, otherwise known as British model Chelsea Ferguson, is one of the most popular women on Snapchat, for reasons that soon become obvious when you visit her Snapchat account! 

Sedgyfergo isn't the only woman to create a stir on Snapchat, however...

On November 22 2014, one of Snapchat's leading model users, dominoxxx, announced her Snapchat account had been closed down as a result of their partnership with their new payment processors, Square. 

As a result, some of the following accounts,if not all, may soon be closed. Most of the women however also have twitter or instagram accounts or, like dominoxxx, their own website.

Anyway, here's a list of Snapchat users like Sedgyfergo:

  • minniemcgee
  • officialcherryd
  • demirosemawby (pictured above)
  • misskiaralee
  • officialasha
  • sophdefoe
  • Ladyjaq
  • ana10171

And if you get bored of Snapchat, you can always turn to YouTube for compilations of some of the dafter Snapchat users like these guys:

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