What is Snapchat story two green arrows?


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What are Snapchat green arrows?

The internet is full of questions about the mysterious green arrows on Snapchat.  What on earth do they mean? Well, it's pretty simple, but you may be a little unnerved (or not) by the answer.

The green arrows on Snapchat indicate that the user with the green arrow next to their name has taken a screenshot of part of your story.  That's right, someone out there has decided that they'd like to keep your Snapchat story permanently, and has saved it as an image. 

Why they've done this is anyone's guess, but I should probably issue a few words of caution here.  Never put anything on Snapchat that you wouldn't want someone to be able to save permanently. 

There are thousands upon thousands of adult themed images on the internet that are the result of a Snapchat screenshot.  If you're fine with your images potentially being placed on the internet by someone else, then post away! If not, you may want to be careful what you publish on apps such as Snapchat!

On the plus side, if you're creative, you could end up on one of these amazing Snapchat compilations:

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