Is snapchat dangerous?


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Do you think snapchat is dangerous?? Well I have it, and I think its perfectly safe and fun to chat, but I keep hearing rumors on it. Like snapchat actually saves your pictures and shows it to everyone.

Is that only a rumour or is it true?

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When used in a safe and fun way, like you and many others do, Snapchat can be completely innocent and mostly pretty funny.

However, there are some rumours about whether Snapchat is dangerous which have been discovered to be true by reliable sources, that affect everyone using the app.

Mythbusting Snapchat

'Snapchat saves all of your pictures'

Recently there was a forensic study done that proves even expired photos on Snapchat for Android can be recovered.

Admittedly it takes a lot of technological knowledge, but the fact it can at all seems a bit creepy. Someone with time on their hands could find all of the pictures you've sent, including those you'd want to remain very private.

Snapchat doesn't think this is a problem, as it has detailed on it's blog:

' might know that with the right forensic tools, it’s sometimes possible to retrieve data after it has been deleted. So… you know… keep that in mind before putting any state secrets in your selfies :)'.

Some agree with Snapchat's playful view of the whole thing, but storing data is a hot topic right now, with lots of people being shocked by how much information companies actually have about them.

It's important to think carefully if you want the Snaps you send stored somewhere, no matter how 'safely'.

'Young people use Snapchat to send pictures of a sexual nature'

Some people consider this a regular part of modern adolescence, but there are real dangers here.

The ability to screenshot people's photos, coupled with the frightening culture of teenagers sharing this kind of photo online or in the classrom, can lead to some horrible situations.

The consequences of bullying following this kind of unwanted exposure can be fatal, as we've tragically found out through several recent incidents.

Whether this is dangerous or not can depend on the education someone has had about the app, the easiness of sharing personal information on the internet and also looking after yourself.

Sending a flirty picture to someone you trust can be far less dangerous than someone you barely know, which seems obvious, but often young teenagers need to have that sort of thing drilled into them.

'There are ways for other users to hack into your expired photos and videos'

Aside from using forensic knowledge to hack into Snapchat's database, there are apparently some more readily accessible ways to get someone's sent data.

There are various videos detailing how to do this, but as with all videos claiming they have the secret of how to hack into someone's private information, they're often scams.

The fact they exist at all is pretty scary though.

All in all, Snapchat can definitely be used safely, depending on your viewpoint of data protection. If you're happy for things to be stored and are sending innocuous photos to your friends, you're probably okay to continue using the app.

If, however you've been sending things you'd rather keep private, it's important to consider that Snapchat isn't as private as most people think it is.

The only safe way to show someone something that personal is in the flesh.

For some evaluation of the moral issues surrounding Snapchat, from a self-proclaimed 'social media enthusiast', check this post out:

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Is Snapchat dangerous?

I wouldn't say snap chat is dangerous, provided you don't upload any personal information or your current location. If you are a parent and are worried about a loved one, then bear in mind that there are age restrictions when signing up. With Snapchat you have to be 13 in order to sign up. This is in conjunction to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

If you're worried about your videos and images being uploaded, please not that the images and videos will disappear in seconds. I have several friends who have Snapchat and they have had great experiences. So overall Snapchat isn't necessarily dangerous, but you should always be cautious when on the internet.

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Snapchat is only a dangerous as the mindset of the person using it. If you use Snapchat wisely, it can be a lot of fun.

The dangers of Snapchat

However, there is always the danger that kids who aren't necessarily aware of (or understand the repercussions of) the images and content they send to other people via social media apps like Snapchat, may find themselves in hot water if they use the  Snapchat app unwisely.

That's why, when it comes to technology and online communication (wether with friends or strangers) it is important that they understand how to use Snapchat safely.

Sometimes, that's where parents need to step in and make sure that happens!

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