How to hack into someone's Kik?


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Alla Mohamed answered

First of all, before we go any further I will tell you that
it is illegal to hack into someone’s phone without their permission so just
bare that in mind.

It can be funny trying to hack into your friends Kik
messenger to mess around with them or trying to snoop on your kids to see what
they’re are up to but don’t be mad if you see something you don’t like!

There are a few software’s
that can help you hack into someone’s Kik:

Most of the websites above have a download link and a step
by step guide however if you prefer something more visual than below ill enlist
a video link below that might make it easier:

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Lynn Blakeman answered
The answer to this is easy - you don't. Hacking is illegal and can lead to a heavy fine, an arrest (imprisonment if the judge is having a bad day) and at the very least, having your computer confiscated by the police. It's just not worth it.

The other thing you need to think about is, what is so interesting on this person's account that it warrants going through the trouble of hacking? If anyone ever hacked my Kik account, they would be bitterly disappointed!

If you want to know what someone is saying or who they are talking to, ask them. If they don't tell you then maybe there is a reason for that. Everyone is entitled to privacy; it would be a very sad world if everyone knew what we were doing the whole of the time.

Obviously, if this is your under 18-year-old child you're trying to monitor, then the story might be a bit different.. in that case, you have the right to ask them to show you everything they are doing, hacking should never be necessary.
And hacking your kids' accounts is a sure-fire way to lose their trust!

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