How can scheduling messages help with Twitter marketing?


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I think it can help if you are extremely busy. I use scheduling feature that Hootsuite has and it really comes in handy. Like any tool I believe you should use it wisely. Don't just continually send out tweets automatically over and over again and you realize no one is reading them. Scheduling your tweets can be very useful especially if you want people to read it and if you find that you want to tweet something and it's late at night you can just schedule to post it in the morning. I have done that on many occasions. I absolutely love that Hootsuite offers that feature.

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I schedule them too but you do have to be careful. I have seen disasters where people have clearly scheduled tweets that have caused chaos due to unforeseen events. For example a music festival had scheduled tweets saying gates were open, X was on stage next etc but due to severe weather (heavy rain & flooding) the event was cancelled at short notice. People who had tickets were confused, travelling great distances, trying to get in but were turned away - PR disaster!
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Twitter is a best for the traffic to your websites because mostly people online on Twitter. So this tool is very useful.

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