How do I get the iOS 7 update?


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Lynn Blakeman answered

Better than ios7, you can now get ios8 and this one is really good!

All you need to do is go to 'settings' and then scroll down until you come to 'general'. The second option is 'software update' click on this.

If there is an update you will see the information and will be able to download it. Actually, thanks for the question, because I just checked and I have an update which I didn't know about before!

Is the iOS8 update worth it?

iOS8 is a vast improvement because now, they have finally allowed third party apps which means we can get the 'Swype' keyboard which has previously been unavailable.

I always felt that Apple didn't move with the times enough, ios was good but didn't offer as much as android in terms of personalisation, and the phones were too small for my taste anyway.

With the release of ios8 and the iPhone 6 plus it seems that my prayers have been answered. I am finally enjoying my iphone and looking forward, not too patiently, to the Apple watch in 2015.

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