Ladies, what is the worst thing a guy has ever said to you to get your attention in your DM or your inbox on Facebook?


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Some guys are just so cheesy aren't they? I just had to laugh at this one I received from a man in Turkey:

"hello how are you?:) l wanna know why are you so beautiful?:) you have unique beauty to me. Did you come from paradise to make happy all people who see your beauty?? Have you ever been fashion model? L cant take my eyes from you.

"If you come here l wont let you back. L will put you in my heart and l hide you till end of my life. You are the most beautiful flower in world. Sun rises to show all of your endless beauty to me. L really envy your lucky man, he has awesome angel. L'm sure he knows your value."

I have to admit it did cheer me up,  I kept it so that I can read it whenever I feel a bit down :-)

Dating on Facebook

Some people treat Facebook like a dating site, I can't understand that as it is not there for that purpose.

That said, there's a TV program called 'Catfish', where nearly everyone on there has 'met' through Facebook! Most of them are totally different to the person they claim to be of course. 

A girl who looks like a fashion model on the photo she sends to the unsuspecting guy who can't wait to meet her, will often turn out to be an overweight, plain looking guy!

I guess this means that there are many people on Facebook open to this kind of introduction.

I think I would feel a bit uncomfortable about approaching people in this way though, in case they were already in a relationship.

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