What are the differences between The Sims and The Sims 2? Is it true Sims can go to university in The Sims 2?


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The Sims was released by Electronic Arts in 2000, with its sequel appearing in 2004. There are many differences between what the Sims can and can't do in two games, including attendance at university.

In the original Sims game, the gameplan perspective used was isometric, whereas in The Sims 2, the gameplan is fully three-dimensional. 

The Sims themselves in The Sims could only grow through three different life stages: Baby, child and adult, but in The Sims 2, there were six different stages: Baby, toddler, child, teen, adult and elder. 
There was only the one pre-designed neighbourhood in the first Sims game, but in the second, this had grown to three: Pleasantview (an extended version of the neighbourhood seen in The Sims), Strangetown (where paranormal activity and alien abduction can occur) and Veronaville (based around William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet). 
Sims can also die in The Sims 2, but can also attend university.

The Sims as Students - A Set Apart

If you want to send a teenage Sim off to college, you will need The Sims 2: University, an expansion pack released in 2005. In so doing, the teenage Sim becomes a new type of age category, the Young Adult. 

Your sim can chose what subject to major in, what sororities to join and even what pranks to pull! Once graduated, the Sim will have extra life wants and an extended choice of career options, compared to his Sim friends who stayed back at home.

Here's a talk-through film, showing you more of The Sims 2: University.

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