What Is The Sims 2 Cancer Cheat?


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Yes there is a cancer cheat, and I look self around after it. I have seen a lot of sims video, where they have cancer and comes to the hospital, I have downloaded a hospital, but now I just need the cancer??.. You can not say " ooh human suffer, so because of that, sims can not suffer" Oh come on, it is a computer game!!
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because there "OUR" sims and we can do what ever we please with them.

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jenny singh answered

We are all knowing the cheats for sims mobile and it can generate cash for the game here.

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Cat Valentine answered
Sims cannot get cancer (sorry to burst your bubble) and where did you get the idea from? On Sims videos of sims getting cancer are fake. You might need a expansion pack but I have never came across 1 with cancer. So sorry!
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What on earth?! A cancer cheat? Humans have enough trouble with cancer, so why make sims suffer too?!!! Are you off your rocker? Leave them alone! No sims can get cancer, no matter what! So don't even try. >.<

from, lucy.

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