The Sims 2 University Life Collection Installation Code?


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You need to buy the game from an authorized retailer to get the installation code - the whole point of the installation code is to deter people from pirating The Sims 2 University Life Collection and playing it without paying for it. Therefore, if you don't have the code that comes with the entire game package, you've likely gotten your hands on the game through theft or illegal file sharing. This means you're out of luck, unless, by some miracle, you can find the correct installation code online.

  • Buy a copy

Some video PC games, such as the addictive Sims series of games, are really worth the money, because they're so in-depth, layered, and fun to play. It may be wise to buy a legal copy of the game. Then, all you'll have to do in plug in the installation code that comes with the game and you'll be ready to play with your Sims - and play God in your own little virtual world.

  • No shortcuts

Many people try to get installation codes online so they can bypass having to pay for the video game, but it doesn't usually work out too well. Companies, such as Sims creator, Electronic Arts, tend to protect these codes, because video game pirating really hurts their bottom line. After all, they need to pay for a lot of expenses related to developing, programming, debugging, packaging, distributing, and marketing the game...we are talking about millions of dollars in overhead.

Yes, they make a fortune on the game, but they have staff to pay and bills to take care of as well...besides, they invented the game and did all of the work to create it, so they do deserve to make money off of it. The best video games are art, and they shouldn't be stolen.

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