When Does American Idol Come On Direct Tv And What Channel?


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The next viewing of American Idol is being shown on DirecTV on Thursday 19th May  at 20:00 on channel 5 WNYW. This is the flagship television station for Fox Broadcasting Company which is the station that shows American Idol. However, if you do not receive Fox locally then the channel will be either 398 for those residing in New York City, and channel 399 in Los Angeles.

The channel for Fox may vary depending on where you live in the United States. However, there is a list of the channels for each state that may apply to you found here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_DirecTV_local_channels The table also indicates if it is available in high definition or standard definition.

DirecTV is a broadcast satellite service provider based in El Segundo, California which was first introduced on 17th June  1994. The broadcast service reaches homes in the United States, Latin America and the Commonwealth Caribbean. DirecTV owns the majority of The Game Network and broadcasts a number of local sports networks. In addition, the service provider has a channel which is dedicated to 3D programs called ‘n3D’. Moreover, the company has its own channel called ‘The 101 Network’ which provides general entertainment shows which viewers have to subscribe to.

If you are looking to get Fox HDTV through your DirecTV box then you will firstly have to check to see if it is available in your area as some states do not receive HD television. The HD packages are available in New York and Los Angeles and a number of other states; however, you must ensure that you have HD equipment and the DirecTV HD package.

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