Do you still like to get up and physically go to a store to buy(check out what you want) what you want or just use the internet and have it shipped to you?


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suman kumar answered
I buy it on a store not online.
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Pat commented
Other than groceries, I buy everything online.
John commented
Pandris-what about a new to you vehicle.
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Store. XxXx, Eg
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Lynne Dwyer answered
I have to see what I'm buying. I will by it on-line, if I can find it cheaper. We've been remodeling (as you well know :) ) and I will buy my fixtures and such online, if I can find a better deal than the store.
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Moo C. answered
I like to go to the store (it gives me a reason to go outside and get some fresh air)
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High Sea Air answered
With  the anxiety  of store shopping,  I  wish  i could  do it  online  and  have  grocerys  delivered  to  me
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John commented
Oh! Come on : ) you know you like to pick it up and look at it before you buy.that's the whole big deal of you earning /having the money to go and buy it and actually check it out and have someone wait on you. : ).just pointing out that some of the anxiety is what it is all about.making the decision to go/make any purchase/using your hard earned cash. : ).remember when you were younger and didn't think for one second about going anywhere and handling everything you would have like to owned.: )
John commented
You may just find that what you think is anxiety is really (a thrill) adrenaline/going somewhere and being outside even if it is to the local stores.i guess it's like window shopping on the net except you get to test it out to really see if you like it or if it really fits you/your personality.:).or as they say if you don't move you will lose the ability to move sooner than later.: ).

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