People who have "quit" a social network or website in the past, what was your reason for doing it? And what would make you want to go back?


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I joined Facebook many years for about 6 hours before I pulled the plug. I didn't realize that they pulled all of my email contacts and asked to friend them on Facebook. Every one of my business contacts and customers received an email from me. THAT was embarrassing. I have no desire to return.

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My kids told me that I should have set my settings to private or something, that could have prevented that from happening. When I set up the account, I didn't realize that there WERE settings.
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I lasted a few months on Facebook (I didn't fall into the trap of giving them access to my email list). The inanity of the posts was a bit much and I closed the account. Similarly with Google +.
One journalist described those sites as "technological Onanism". In my opinion, he was right on the mark.
Ancient Hippy
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My kids, all adults, are all over Facebook and Twitter. They seem obsessed with them.
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I used to belong to a chess forum but inadequate moderation allowed the trolls to run the show. There were times they carried on like small children. Chess is supposed to appeal to brighter people, but that's not always the case and it certainly wasn't evident there.

I pulled out of Askaholics because the site was dominated by three snarky born-agains who turned every topic into an evangelistic opportunity. That was bad enough but their continuous, mutual high-fiving was a bit much. They are allowed to post anything they want without censure.

I appreciated the moderation on Ask which was very good (in spite of the complaints by some who felt fettered) and was a little concerned about the moderation on Blurtit. Yet you've achieved a perfect balance -- moderation with a light touch and everything rolls along so smoothly. Congratulations to you, Rooster and Angela.

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Myspace- wasn't as popular as facebook and i hated everything about the site. (Myspace was already dead when i tried it in 2007)

BuddyTV- A site redesign caused a mass exodus in late 2008 (things were never the same after that)

Amirite- A replacement for Sodahead... Stayed there a month and left because the UI is cluttered and i just didn't like it even though it was the closest thing to Sodahead. Plus, all of the former sodahead cult members from Phaet moved in) - they were too strict and the Admins kept pissing me off lol.. 

Fluther- The site was too complicated to use.. The UI is terrible - The ui was old and i hated the features.

(i never went back to any of these sites)

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A few years ago, I had quit using Facebook for like a couple of months. It was getting on my nerves, despite me never getting notifications from anyone. The reason why I got a Facebook again? Because at the time it was the only way to communicate with long distance family members.

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I left many websites or Social Media cause i never felt wanted and sometimes it felt like the site was dead and other times i was bullied online for no apparent reason . Trust me many people have reasons for leaving and never coming back and sometimes it's for the best .

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when i was 13-15 years old, there was a huge craze among my peers about facebook , so cos of my bestfriend i made an fb account and ended up using it a lot. I would chat with a lot of people there.

when my parents bought me a new phone i started using instagram a lot too just exploring posts n all.

After a while, i got busy and also tired of facebook and left it. A while back i deleted my account there , removed pictures and stuff and totally shut it down . One of the reasons why i left fb was because i was tired of poking my nose in the lives of people i was only friends with on social media and didnt interact with them in real life. I was also made fun of on fb which also put me off of it. I dont like meddling in others' lives and all so i finally got tired of i and quit it.

and i also stopped using instagram as well. I was just tired of seeing people live a better life than me and me sighing on my life. I also had a lot of work to do.

i ended up totally giving up both the social media platforms this way.

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