Have You Ever Actually Won Anything That Is In An Ad/popup On The Internet?


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Robyn Rothman answered
You might if you ever get through all the garbage that comes before it.  I tried it once just to see what would happen.  After endless pages of nonsense, I got fed up, and even though I neer submitted anything, I was inundated with useless tons of spam that took me months to get rid of.  Don't do it unless you have nothing better to do with your life!
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David C
David C commented
I love that last statement. If you have nothing better to do with your LIFE, then its okay to do it. I can imagine all of the spam you might get if you allow sensitive information like your phone number, address, and email to get out.
Pat Merrifield
Pat Merrifield commented
Amen on the spam, I did the same thing and had to change my e-mail address. Started out at about ten a day and when I changed it was over a hundred per day.
Robyn Rothman
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OMG, sy! I will say I learned a good lesson.
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
I know that they are all fake, and that they are just trying to lure you into their site, so that they can get you to buy something, or you have to enter or sign up for the prize, and you are pressured a lot, I have no inclination to fall prey to that.
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     I've seen a few of these and if you check out the fine print you will see that you have to actually pay for a few of their trial offers before they are obligated to their part. I don't know anyone who has ever actually seen that so-called freebie. Aside from the emails you are overwhelmed with phone calls from places you never asked about either.  
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David C
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I've noticed that before as well. I wonder if the actual items received are of lesser value than the offers you participate in though. I'd imagine not but who knows. I currently have a friend participating in a website where you fill out surveys for points, then redeem the points for different things like gift cards and stuff. I'm looking forward to see how that venture turns out. Honestly I feel that I could spend less time doing actual work to earn money to buy the things you could get from the site rather than filling out surveys for points.
LD commented
I'd really love to know how your friend comes out on that one. If I were you I'd warn your friend to watch out for those hidden charges and automatic billing things!

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