Had anyone on the internet ever upset you?


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Rarely. When Ask closed one of our members started a site called Askaholics and it was quickly dominated by three crazy religious women who turned everything into a crusade. And, yes, I mean everything.  A lot of us dropped out because of them.

One of them tried to come here and do the same thing but Rooster knew who she was and what she was about and warned her that she wouldn't be allowed to destroy this site too. She got the huffs and closed her account. Thank you, Rooster.

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I'm so glad that I wasn't the only one to see this behavior. I thought Askaholics would be a good site - similar to Ask.com. It only took a few weeks to see how it really was once those 3 starting running everything and deleting most of my answers. Ugh.
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They did their religion a great deal of harm. They alienated a lot of people. I was so pleased that Rooster clamped down on it when the Rev came here and tried it again.

I was reminded of the old couplet that reads, "The puritan through life's sweet garden goes, to pluck the thorn and throw away the rose."
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As an adjective, one synonym for upset is disappointed.

Yes, some people who claim to be knowledgeable, intelligent, and trained to use their minds prove to be sorely lacking in all those areas; and unfortunately it takes a while for it to become noticeable.

Of course, they do not restrict themselves to the internet. Unfortunately, they seem to be peripatetic

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Yeah. I was playing chess against a mystery player, and after a few days we started to comment on the game. Then there were a few more personal exchanges, like where we lived etc. But after about 4 weeks, after playing a game which I won after only 7 moves, this person went off on a rage!!! I was abused over everything I had confided to this person. It was beneficial, because it taught me not to be so gullible.

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Anyone who says otherwise is in denial. Plenty of people have pissed me off. Or els I have management issues lol 


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