Can Anyone Explain The Pencil, Line And Curve Tool In MS Paint Brush?


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MS Paint Brush is a simple program in which we can create images. This is not a professionally used program. The professionally used programs are Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Fireworks and etc.

The pencil tool in MS Paint Brush provides us a free hand drawing tool. We can use the pencil tool as we use the pencil in real. We can draw what ever we want. There is no rule to use this tool. Simply pick up the tool, select the color of your choice and start drawing. We can use the Shift key if we want to draw straight.

The Line tool is used to draw the straight lines only. To use this tool select the line icon, click on the line thickness option and choose a color. Now click any part of the image and drag the mouse. It will draw a straight line.

The curve tool is a bit complex tool as compared with above two tools. To use this tool we have to click three times. Select the curve tool, thickness of the line and the color. Click any part of the image and drag the mouse. Now release the mouse button, click and drag again to any other direction. The line will take the shape of a curve. Now click and drag again the curve will be changed again. With the help of some practice, we will be able to deign well with curve tool.

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