By default, the _______ tool is selected when Paint is opened?


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By default, the Color Palette Tool is selected when Paint is opened. However, it is very easy to activate other tools that can be used to create special effects in this software platform.  This program, which used to be called Microsoft Paintbrush, is designed to paint graphics that are uploaded by the user. MS Paint is created to process bitmap images and add artistic effects that give the images greater visual impact. This excellent software application is made to enhance images, which can then be used for personal or commercial purposes. Generally, people who buy and run the Microsoft Windows operating system will receive this program as part of their product bundle of software services.

MS Paint Tips

• Scaling Your Paintbrush - It's possible to scale your paintbrush and make it larger or smaller, depending on your needs, and how detailed enhancements to a bitmap image must be. To scale your brush for specific tasks, simply click on the paintbrush tool to activate it, and then hold the Control button while hitting the plus sign on your number pad (on the right of your keyboard) - you can make the paintbrush any size you wish. This little trick can really help when you're trying to cover more surface area quickly, or trying to do very small enhancements to tiny surface areas. 
• Altering The Size Of An Image - To access a quick trick for altering the size of a bitmap image, press Control + and Control - and you'll avoid needing to drag each image when you want to change its size or scale. Begin by accessing the Select tool in MS Paint, and then use the Control keys to rapidly alter the size of each image.

These time-saving tips can make it much easier to work with images that you are enhancing.

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