What Is Circuit Switching? What Technologies Can Be Used By Circuit Switching?


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Circuit switching is a switching technology that establishes an electrical connection between the stations using a dedicated path. Circuit switching creates a direct physical connection between two devices such as the phones or computers. A circuit switch is a device with the 'n' inputs and 'm' outputs that creates a temporary connection between an input link and an output link.

The number of input does not have to match with the number of outputs. An n-by-n folded switch can connect 'n' lines in the full duplex mode. For example it can connect 'n' telephones in such a way that each phone can be connected to each and every other phone. Circuit switching today can use either of these two technologies. One is the space division switch and the other id the time division switch. In space division switching, the paths in circuit are separated from each other spatially.

This technology was originally designed for use in analog networks but is used currently in both the analog and digital networks. While the time division switching uses the time division multiplexing to achieve switching. There are two prominent and popular methods that are used in the time division multiplexing. First is the time slot interchange and the other is the TDM bus.

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