What Technologies May Aid Collaboration?


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The use of technology can greatly aid collaboration as the best collaborations are based on excellent communication and synergy; which is where technology is needed.

Collaboration between companies or trades could not be successful without the use of computers. It is more than likely that the initial research into which companies will help their business was made on a computer using the Internet. It is also likely that the first contact between the two companies would have been via email.

Technology helps companies work together seamlessly, even if they are located miles or even countries apart. With software such as video conferencing, companies can collaborate with ease whenever and wherever.

The rise of social networks can also be a great tool to aid collaboration. Whether it is personal or business accounts; posting all the latest movements, advances and potential deals on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can help bring people together. It can also aid in future collaboration ventures, alerting the potential through these social networks.

Mobile or cell phones are also crucial to aiding successful collaboration. Having the ability to contact another person at any time makes things move faster and the convenience is a great time-saver. Decisions can be made in an instant and progression can be quick if both parties can discuss things immediately rather than having to arrange a meeting.
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Yikes, that is a loaded question. First, what type of collaboration? Big company collaboration, or music collaboration? Secondly, there are some great web resources to help out. First is Robin Good's Mind Map of collaboration tools:  Second is Collaboration King's online collaboration resource for all types of collaboration techniques and tools:
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The technology that aid s collaboration is Personal computers, voicemail, internet device
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Group collaborations.
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Video conferencing is a good technology where one can collaborate with any one from any location.

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