In What Ways Do Technologies Become Social Structures?


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We used to use the telephone and writing letters to keep in touch with friends and family but new technologies have brought massive change in our social structures.

  • Cell phones
From young to old, we have all embraced the cellular phone for staying in contact because it is so versatile and gives us such instant results. Not only can we talk to each other wherever we are, but we can also send text messages when this is not so convenient.

  • Internet
The Internet may well be the single most successful social structure made possible by technology.

Everyone uses the Internet to communicate to a greater or lesser degree. We set up online relationships with friends old and new. It started with websites like Friends Reunited where we were able to experience the power of computers to link us with our past.

Now many people live their lives through online social networks such as Facebook and MySpace. They share what they are up to via Twitter and they gather with like-minded folk to express shared interests and passions. They have quick and easy access to their idols and they can closely follow them remotely from anywhere in the world.

There are online petitions where we can voice our strong feelings for or against a range of subjects. This has given added support to campaigning groups and enabled them to have a significant voice. Changes in the law have been forced by the power of the Internet.

The government and large media organizations such as television channels have been quick to embrace these new online social structures setting up their own websites and Facebook pages.

The Internet connects us with people all over the world creating a social web which is simple yet complex in its capability. This technology has changed our lives forever.

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