What is web technology?


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Web technology is a broad subject which predominantly refers to the internet, its users and various interfaces and applications that constitute the web technology sector.

Many businesses uses web technology such as HTML websites and browsers to know more about their clients. Web technology can range from anything from the technical aspects of the world wide web such as browsers, servers, HTML and mark-ups to more complex software such as Microsoft web applications.

If you are studying web technology or simply want to know more about it then you need to know some of the basic terminology that you would commonly found in describing web technology. These fundamental basics of learning about the sector is through the development of websites. How are websites created? What functions are used to create websites and how do these websites contribute in the realm of the world wide web? These are questions most often asked when analysing the web technology sector.

Due to the broad landscape of web technologies this answer may be insufficient in providing you with a detailed analysis of the topic... however the main aspects of defining web technology include the following:

- Development of a website

- Creating a Front Page on the web

- Managing HTML ( Hypertext mark-up language)

- CSS ( Cascading style sheets)

- XML & XSLT (mark-up language designed specifically for the internet)

All these basic attributes constitute basic web technology. More complex web technologies include its programs such as Java and Microsoft applications that can be run online.

Web technology of websites are crucial in sustaining the world wide web and provide the data and information we need to ensure that the internet is populated and running smoothly.

For more information on the latest web technologies you may find the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) website beneficial. You can visit their website at http://www.w3.org

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Web technology is the establishment and use of mechanisms that make it possible for different computers to communicate and share resources.Web technologies are infrastructural building blocks of any effective computer network: Local Area Network (LAN), Metroplitan Area Network (MAN) or a Wide Area Network (WAN), such ...

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Actually, it's the other way round. The building blocks are the LANs, WANs and xANs. Web technologies sit on top of those.

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