What Is Definition Of Web Technology?


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Web technology is the development of the mechanism that allows two of more computer devices to communicate over a network. For instance, in a typical office setting, a number of computers plus additional devices such as printers may be interconnected via a network, allowing for quick and convenient transmission of information. The processes involved in web technology are complex and diverse, which is why major businesses employ whole departments to deal with the issue. Web technology has revolutionized communication methods and has made operations far more efficient.

  • Advantages of web technology
The main advantage of web technology is that it offers convenience and a high speed of communication in the computer world. Whether in the office or the home, processes using a computer are more swift and straightforward with the use of a network. Web technology allows messages to be sent around a system, whereas before it may have been necessary to employ a runner or leave your workspace to communicate a message. It is clear to see how web technology reduces costs and makes a company more efficient, raising business potential.

  • Disadvantages of web technology
Matters involving web technology can be very complicated, and it would be difficult for someone without relevant experience to sort a network problem out. This means it is necessary to employ someone with the specific skills to solve network issues, which costs money. Additionally, the existence of a network provides the opportunity for an attack on the computer system. Weaknesses in a network could be exploited; important information could be stolen or destroyed and malware could infect the various network systems. For this reason, network security is another issue that must be considered when using web technology.
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A technology which acts as in interface between web servers and clients. It includes markup languages, programming interfaces, standards to define document identity and display. Basically web technology is the process which allows two more computing devices over a network.

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Web technology relates to the interface between web servers and their clients. It includes markup languages, programming interfaces and languages, and standards for document identification and display.

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The methods with which we as humans interact with computers
doing this number crunching around the world is referred to as web

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