Where Can You Find All The Legendary Pokemon In Platinum Without Any Cheats Or Migrating?


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You get Giratina in the Distortion World.It will be level 47. You get there by going to the Spear Pillar. If you don't catch it then, you will be able to get it at the Turnback Cave, in the Spring Path, at the right of Route 214. You will also find the Griseous Orb there, which turns Giratina into it's Origin Form.
Rotom is found in the Etera Forest in the Old Chateau near the exit. It is level 20. You can get it as soon as you beat the 2nd Gym and obtain the HM Cut.
Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf are all found at the 3 lakes and are all level 50. Uxie is at Lake Acuity just left of Snowpoint City. Azelf is found at Lake Valor which is in between Route 213 and 214. Mesprit has a different story. Although it is found at Lake Verity, you do not battle it there. Instead it roams all of Sinnoh, but you can still track it down with the Marking Map which is a Poketech App.
You can get Heatran only after you have gotten the National Dex. It is at the very end of the cave at Stark Mountain. It is level 70.
Dialga and Palkia can only be caught after you have battled Heatran. They are at the top of the Spear Pillar at level 70. You will battle Dialga first, then walk in Mt. Coronet and walk right back out, and you will be able to battle Palkia.
Cresselia, just like Mesprit, runs from you after you meat it. Go to Canalave City, across the bridge, and enter the house with a sign that says "Sailor Eldritch's House". Talk to the lady and child inside then talk to the sailor right outside and he will give you a ride to Full Moon Island.
Every other legendary pokemon is only obtainable through an event, migration, or cheat.
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