How To Hatch Eggs Faster On Pokemon Platinum?


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Well, I know that there 2 things that speed up the egg laying process.
1.if the two pokemon are in the same egg group.
2. The egg comes faster if the two pokemon are from different trainers.

Have both of those together and the egg will come really quick, as for how long, I'm trying to find that out for myself.

Oh, you can use your pokedex to find egg group, select form and chose one form, but put in no other details, no name or type or anything, all pokemon that appear are in the same egg group, hope you understand that.

Lastly, you can tell if an egg is coming by what the man outside the daycare says.

.they prefer to play with other pokemon=no egg coming, EVER.

.they don't like each other much=egg will come, but pokemon are different type, species, it will take over a day to lay an egg.

.they seem to get along=egg comes faster.

They really like each other=egg comes fastest, but it's been a while and I have no evee egg, so I guess it takes a while to lay eggs, no matter what.
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You must bring a pokemon with flame body or magma armor like magmar and the egg hatching process will be cut in half

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