How Do Remove The Sim Card From A Samsung E1100 Mobile Phone?


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Open the back of the phone by holding it upside down with the bottom facing away from you and putting your thumb on the back near the small dimple (towards the bottom end) and your fingers holding the front. Press in slightly and push away to slide the back off. If this does not work, i.e. Your thumb slips, then simply wrap an elastic band around your thumb and try again - this will increase the grip and work a treat.  Once the back is off you remove the battery by lifting the bottom end up with a finger nail, alternatively turn the phone over and tapping it should make the battery drop out.  Under the battery in the top right corner, when holding the phone up right but facing away from you, is the SIM card. It is secured in place under a metal band and needs to be slid out towards the bottom of the phone. The easiest way to do this is with a small length of sticky tape or a plaster. Stick one end to the _/ corner of the SIM card and slid it gently downwards.  Re-inserting is as simple as sliding the SIM under the metal bracket with its contact panel facing downwards.

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