What Is Voltage?why We Use Voltage?is Volt Is The Unit Of Voltage? Is Current And Voltage Are Same?


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Voltage is a unit used to describe the potential difference between two points in a circuit. It is primarily used as a unit for battery.
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The word voltage is used colloquially to describe two different things.  The first is electromotive force or e.m.f. Of a battery, cell or generator, which is the energy converted into electrical form per unit charge passing through the device. The other is the potential difference or p.d. Between two points in a circuit, which is the energy converted from electrical to some other form (heat, light, ke, etc.) per unit charge passing from one point to the other.  If the charge is in coulombs and the energy in joules, then the e.m.f. Or p.d. Is in volts.

The e.m.f. Causes charge to flow round the circuit (an electric current, measured in amperes or coulombs per second) which causes potential differences to be set up across components in the circuit.  No current = no potential differences, rather as with a hosepipe - if the water flow is large there is a drop in pressure, but if you restrict the flow with your thumb the pressure at your thumb increases as there is less pressure drop in the pipe.

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