A 100 volt battery is connected in series with a 100-volt, 60cps, generator of the type used to supply power to homes.. The peak voltage reached by the combination in volts is approximately: A. 171 b. 200 c. 241 d. 260 ? Answer with method!


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If you assume that your 100V home generator produces a sine wave with an RMS value of 100V, then its output waveform is described by the function
  v(t) = 100*sqrt(2)*sin(2*pi*60*t)
This waveform has peaks of 100*sqrt(2), about 141 volts. If a 100 V battery is connected in series, the voltage function becomes
  v1(t) = 100 + 100*sqrt(2)*sin(2*pi*60*t)

This hypothetical waveform will have peaks of
  100 + 141 = 241 volts

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