What Is The Purpose Of Calculating Knee Point Voltage For Current Transformers?


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There are three regions were a transformer works. They are:
1. Linear region
2.Knee point region and
3.Saturation region.
Knee point voltage is a point on the magnetizing curve of a transformer.A 10% increase in flux density(voltage) will bring in an increase of 50% in the Magnetization (Current). After the knee point voltage the transformer enters saturation region for which there is infinite Magnetization (Current), but voltage remains at the same level. This condition is seen as open circuited on the secondary. This will surely spoil the insulation level of transformer and ultimately the transformer will burn
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Because after this point the current of the transformer will drob quickly and maybe the trasformer will burn. So when we design a Current transformers we should take in our consideration this point to make a safefty circuit to shut down the transformer.

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